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Clear Trees From Your Property Fast

Schedule tree removal services from a reputable company in Santa Ana, CA

Do you need trees removed from your property safely and efficiently? You can turn to Ernie Ureno Tree Service, Inc in Santa Ana, CA to get the job done right. Our team provides tree removal services to get rid of any dangerous or unwanted trees on residential and commercial properties. After we take down your tree, we can haul it away or leave it for you to use as firewood.

We also offer emergency tree removal services. If you think a tree on your property might cause damage, contact us right away to get it taken down.

Do you need trees removed from your property?

There are many good reasons why someone may need tree removal services. You can call us to remove trees on your property that are...

  • Damaged
  • Diseased
  • Too crowded
  • Unappealing
  • Too large
  • Blocking sunlight
  • Leaning

Whether you need emergency tree removal services to protect your home and lawn from damage, or you just want to improve your property's appearance, you can rely on our experienced tree specialists. We’re licensed, insured and bonded.